Zambet din litere #3

duminică, 13 ianuarie 2013

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Da, iar incepe tortura, sau, dupa cum i se mai spune, scoala. Ma simt ca si calcata de tren, pentru ca ieri (azi, daca stau mai bine sa ma gandesc) am ajuns in tara foarte tarziu (s-a trezit masina sa faca fite pe autostrada) si toata ziua am dormit. Scriu chestia asta si ma culc la loc. Insa trebuie sa inveselim blogosfera cumva, nu? Azi, citate dintr-o serie care te face sa razi cu gura pana la urechi de fiecare data cand citesti un nou volum: Vampirii din Morganville!

“Claire stretched out against the wall and kissed it. "Glad to see you, too," she whispered, and pressed her cheek against the smooth surface. It almost felt like it hugged her back.
"Dude, it's a house," Shane said from behind her. "Hug somebody who cares.” 

“Better be," Eve said. She mock-bit at his finger. "I could totally date somebody else, you know."
"And I could rent out your room."
"And I could put your game console on eBay."
"Hey," Shane protested. "Now you're just being mean.” 

“Eve: She told me last!
Shane: Boyfriend!
Michael: Landlord!
Eve: Crap. Right. Next time you sell your soul to the devil, I get first contact!” 

“No, not you two. Stay here."
"Does he just not get how unfair and sexist that is?" Eve asked. "Men."
"You really want to go first?"
"Of course no. But I'd like the chance to refuse to go first.” 

“Oliver: You turned me down. So why, I wonder, did you decide Amelie would be a better choice?
Claire: She smells better. And she made me cookies.” 

“That's it? That's your big goodbye?" Eve asked.
Claire looked at Eve mystified. "I think I need guy CliffNotes."
"Guys aren't deep enough to need CliffNotes."
"What were you waiting for, flowery poetry?" Shane snorted. I hugged. "I'm done.” 

“Michael rose to his feet and padded down the last few steps silently, came up behind Kim, and leaned over her to say, “I want to drink your blood” in a heavy, fake-Dracula accent. She shrieked, flailed, and a zombie ate her brains on-screen.
You sabotaged me!” Kim yelled, dropped the controller, and smacked him hard on the chest. “I can’t believe you just totally sabotaged me!”
Can’t let him lose,” Michael said, as Shane hit the high score and the victory music sounded. “Gotta live with the dude.”
They high-fived.
You’re seriously going to take that as a win,” Kim said. “When he totally cheated for you.”
Yes,” Shane said. “I seriously am.” 

“Where's your sense of adventure?" (Myrnin)
"Off on a beach somewhere with your sanity?” (Clare)

“I drink blood, you eat tacos, get the fuck over it!" -Michel Glass

"Because you've got guy parts, you're automatically a better mechanic than me? I don't think so," Eve said, and bailed out of the passenger side.” 

“She came awake, stomach rumbling, and opened her eyes to see a plate being held right under her nose. 
When she reached for it, Shane snatched it back. "Nuh-uh. Mine."
"Share!" she demanded.
"Man, you are one grabby girlfriend."
She grinned. It always made her feel so fiercly warm inside to hear him say that- the girlfriend part, not the grabby part. 
"If you love me, you'll give me a taco."
"Seriously? That's all you got? What about you'll do sexy, illegal things to me for a taco?"
"Not for a taco," she said. "I'm not cheap."
"They're brisket tacos."
"Now you're talking.” 

“You okay?"
"Your heart's beating really fast."
"Gee, thanks. That's very comforting that you can hear it."
He smiled, and it was the old Michael, the one she'd first met before all the vamp stuff.
"Yeah, I know it is. Sorry. Just stay behind me if there's trouble."
"You sound like Shane."
"Well, he did say he'd kill me if I got you hurt. I'm just looking after my own neck."

“Bite me, Goth princess,” Shane called from the back. “Not literally or anything.”
“Maybe you should say that to Michael.”
“Not funny, Eve,” Michael said.
Eve raised her eyebrows and held her fingers up, measuring off about an inch. “Little bit,” she said.” 

“Great," Shane said. "Look i'd rather not be on janitorial duty. I have allergies to cleaners."
"And to cleaning," Michael said.
"Look who's talking, Didn't the do one of those Animal Planet documentaries about the roaches in your room?” 

“Welcome to Morganville. You'll never want to leave.And even if you do...well, you can't. Sorry about that.”

Sper ca v-au placut citatele ;) Si daca nu ati citit seria, o recomand cu caldura. Este una dintre cele mai bune pe care le-am citit! Succes maine!

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